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I've been through the wringer with this story, but now, it's time to bring it to the big screen – been dreaming of it since I was in nappies!

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Who the heck are Lizzie and Millie?!
When Lizzie gets depressed during lockdown with all things "Colon", together, the girls begin reading the headlines and find out strange things going on in the town, things to do with the virus, rumors of mutations and interference with the D. N. A. structure following the Jabs.

"Oy, Lizzie!"

Lizzie nearly jumped out of her skin with that ruddy great banging on her door. She pops open one peeper. And who is it? Millie, bless her, lookin' like she'd gone ten rounds with a bottle of brandy - which, by the way, was having a cheeky peek out of her bag. Honestly, the things she gets up to!

Millie, bless her, used to be that gym instructor at the college, making everyone puff and pant. But with everything going on, she's been given the old heave-ho, and now she's spends most days with Lizzie in Tod Lincoln.

Millie goes, "Lizzie, love, this lockdown's turned me all inside out. It's enough to turn anyone's hair grey! Then, with all this lockdown business, I'm goin' doolally. An' all this talk about the jabs doing this and that – it’s enough to make your head spin! I mean it, Lizzie, this blinkin' lockdown's turned me into a right hermit, it has. Not like me at all, darling! I’m usually the life and soul, ain’t I? But have a butcher's at these headlines, will ya?" "

Now, before all this hoo-ha, the two of them were having a right royal time in the burbs, pretending to be spring chickens, hanging out in the posh village, with church bells, cricket green, and two graveyards – one for the fancy folk and one for the rest of us. Night after night, they headed down to the club to play blackjack and have a giggle down with that sexy new barman, Jacques . (Millie always had a thing for the Frenchies).

But now, it's all gone Pete Tong!

This lockdown’s got 'em all in a tizzy. Non-stop yapping on the news about this Colon virus and some mumbo-jumbo about jabs changing your insides. The two gals, after a bit of a natter and some midnight oil burning, reckon they’re the ones to sort it all out. Headed straight to those gov't bigwigs. So here's the pitch: Lizzie and Millie, right, they're on a mission, all guns blazing, to stop this dodgy vaccine from Company TEN. It’s all action, like those Hollywood flicks. Two regular dolls taking on the big bad world!

So, here’s the scoop: Lizzie and Millie are off on a wild ride to tackle this fishy business with the vaccine from Company TEN. It’s a proper knees-up of a tale, full of twists and turns!