Lizzie Snoopes characters and the voices behind them

Lizzie Snoopes's characters

& the voices behind them

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Hitch a ride on this rollercoaster of bizarrity with our motley crew in the madcap universe of our Lizzie Snoopes wondrous adventure. A right jamboree of vocally dangerous escapades, a merry-go-round of characters that stretch as far as the eye can see.

Picture this: loony wizards, groovy robots, and a whole caboodle of other nutcases who'll make your ribs begin to part! These voice chameleons twist and twirl, transforming themselves into a cavalcade of nutty personas that'll tickle your funny bone and get you wondering if you're coming or going. With timing that's tighter than a Scotsman's wallet and a knack for making things up on the fly, they conjure up sketches that'll have your socks off. Be it a cheeky goblin scheming a ruckus or a dapper sleuth unraveling mysteries with more twists than a pretzel, our voice pals infuse the story with infectious zest and a zeal for danger and camaraderie.

Get your ears ready for a jolly romp as our gang ushers you into a realm where laughter and terror reign equally supreme. This ain't just any old show, dear friends – it's a jamboree of storytelling that puts the spotlight on the splendidly elastic wonders of the multiverse.

Story Characters

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Lovely Lil Megan

Cunning Colonel Reggie and his "Mot", Dolly Payne

Jonny Scott Junior - A Resourceful Irish Boatman

Our Heroines - Lizzie Snoopes and Millie Sparkes - Besties

The Controller and his evil twin, "Shadow"

The Characters

Lil Megan

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Colonel Reggie and Dolly Payne

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Jonny The Boatman

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Lizzie & Millie

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The Controller & Shadow

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The Voice Magicians

janet motenko

Janet Motenko - Voice of Colonel Reggie, Dolly, Shadow and Freddie

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sarah lockett

Sarah Lockett - Voice of Lizzie, Millie and Narrator

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andy chaplin

Andy Chaplin - Voice of Stanley Mogg and Prime Minister Spode

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Image 1

Jo Ruocco - Voice of Dolly Payne and Vocalist on "Plastic Faces"

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alice wickham

Alice F Wickham - Voice of Julie Adams and created these dubious personas

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joe purcell

Joe Purcell - Voice of Colonel Reggie and Arthur the Duckboat driver

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This here gal is quite the clever clog, scribbling down words as a journalist, shuffling 'em around as a writer, and even calling the shots as an editor. But don't go ridin' off into the sunset just yet, 'cause that ain't the end of the story!

Janet Motenko

Fast forward to today, she is slap-dang in the world of make-believe, wearin' the mask of Greta Ohlsen in "Murder on the Orient Express."

But hold onto your hats, amigos, 'cause Janet's got more tricks hidden up her sleeve than a magician at a rabbit convention. A voice as smooth as molasses, and as a voiceover artist, I reckon she hustles up a ruckus like cowherds at a barroom brawl. Now she's takin' on the persona of Freddie in part 2, act 1, and with a tongue as sharp as a prickly pear, if that ain't enough, she's also pullin' the strings behind the persona of Shadow. That's a double dose of raw talent, partner, mark my words! Now she's takin' to impersonatin' ME! COLONEL REGGIE! Now if that ain't takin' things a mite too far - I reckon!

Now, this here lady has rubbed shoulders with Dame Judi Dench, Jennifer Saunders, Colin Firth, and a bunch of illustrious stars of the silver screen.

Sarah Lockett

Back in 2003, she burst onto the silver screen in "The Day Britain Stopped" (BBC, mind you), where she played the part of a newsreader.

And let's not forget the present day – in 2021, she's been strutting her stuff in "Timebus" (Deuce Films, as 'Hank's Mum') and "Searching for Harriet" (GoldenWay Media Films, treading the boards as 'Elizabeth').

It don't stop there, no sir. This here gal's been popping up like a jack-in-the-box all over the town. You might have caught her in "I May Destroy You" (BBC, 2020), or maybe you spotted her in "Avenue 5" (HBO, 2020), and hey, even in "Tom and Jerry" (Warner Animation Group, 2021). But wait, there's more! She's got her voice involved too, lending her vocal charm to comedy, drama, and even documentaries. Get this – she even pulled off a swell 1950s style role for the pop group 'Little Mix' (Sony Music).

To top it all, now she's the voice of our very own Lizzie Snoopes and Millie Sparkes. We're tickled pink, 'cause we've sure as heck got those two fine gals right in the crosshairs of our storytelling sights, my friends!

Gather 'round, folks, 'cause here's the tale of the loudest baby that ever kicked up a fuss in the ward! And let me tell ya, not much has changed since those early days.

Andy Chaplin

Now, this here fella's got a hankering for all things eerie and psychic, and he's using that booming voice to guide the way through some spook-tacular "Tuned-In" Events clairvoyant gigs, all across the South East.

Andy is the co-host extraordinaire of the ever-mysterious "Paranormal Peepshow", an' this feller's a a master impersonator! And oh, how we relish his snooty tour guide, none other than our very own Stanley Mogg. Any guesses where that voice comes from, folks? I've got a hunch!

But that ain't all. He's the man behind the curtain, for our Prime Minister Spode, that crafty >Arthur the Duck Boat driver, and Controller in Part 2, Act 1. It's a one-man spectacle and Andy's the star of the show!

Well now, this here gal is a red-hot chilli drummer, in the 90's rubbin' shoulder-pads and kickin the sticks with Style Council on Confessions of a Pop Star. Hang on to your Stetson, 'cause she's even been known to do a ding-a-ling with that great rock 'n' legend, Chuck Berry himself!

Joanne Ruocco

Lucky for us, she's gracefully steppin' into the the cowhide boots of my very own Dolly Payne . Check out them dulcet tones in Act 2 of this here fanciful show we been rustlin' up for your eternal playzhure.

But don't let go of your hat, this Joanne is still set on kickin' them drums on Mr Shak Cohen's debut album, Blue Svengalis.

This gal's busier than a coyote in a chicken coop!

So there you have it, our musical maven from the Big Apple, strummin', singin', and now ticklin' funny bones on the Lizze Extravaganza-Spectacular. A true dynamo!

Now brace yerselves for the voice of Julie Adams on the Lizzie Extravaganza-Spectacular.

Alice Wickham

Well now, this here gal survived that Irish Catholic raisin', and it sure poured a heap of blood in the veins. But hold your horses, 'cause the world of Dublin wasn't all dark clouds and thunder. Nope, it was a reg'lar hotspot with storytellers, runnin wild, crazier than a pit bull in a china shop! The sweet ol' ma, bless her cotton socks, had a way of ticklin' the funny bones and thanks to her wild Dublin shenanigans and a bunch of characters that could fill a Mae Western saloon.

Now, let's rustle up some applause, for once upon a time, Ms Alice strode into the spotlight as Cilla Diamonte, a national treasure and the ringleader of talk-show razzle-dazzle, right there in the jaw-droppin' extravaganza called 'Aids The Musical' at the Shaw Theatre in that merry ol' London town, rubbin' shoulders with the Vi Subversa and The Poison Girls – talk about a real hootenanny of stars!

Well as bein' the pensmith behind the Lizzie show, she's settin' on spreadin' her tales 'round the world-wide-web, where she's a regular you'll find her hangin out in places like Paradise Press; Litro Magazine, MIR, and a few dark haunts ya never knew existed!

Well, let me fill you in, partner! This guy's been struttin' his stuff in the likes of 'Game of Thrones' and 'I am Patrick', not to mention a whole bunch of Abbey Theatre gigs right there in Dublin town.

Joe Purcell

Now, when it comes to the Lizzie Show, Joe Purcell's been wearin' the hat of my good self, that's COLONEL REGGIE to you, and takin' the wheel as that dapper duck boat driver, Arthur in Act 1.

Now see here, Joe's got the ley lines of a well-seasoned actor with more accents tucked away in his belt than rhinestones on Loretta Lynne's ballgown! Fancy seein' it for yourself? Just mosey on over to his showreel and there's also a little somethin' over yonder on Vimeo too.

Now if you're lookin' to chat or do some business, Sarah Allen over at The Althea Agency she's the gal to wrangle. So go on now, rustle up a meetin'. Joe Purcell's like an alternative Santa bringin' all kinds of actin' an' voice goodies!